Misguided Decorum

Cripples and retards are not worthy of respect solely by virtue of their deficit(s). They can be just as amazingly stupid, petty, and annoying as able-bodied and sound-minded members of society. For example, gimps acknowledge a silly hierarchy among themselves: A person born disabled enjoys a higher position on the gimp totem pole than a person fucked up by illness or injury. Christopher Reeve’s antics left the self-righteous in-crips reeling with indignity.

Sanctimonious do-gooders expect reasonably civilized conduct from “normal” schlubs, but blindly accept unruly behavior from palsied nut jobs like Josh. Well aware of the status quo, many cripples and retards consciously shove the brat envelope further. And if a gimp belongs to an ethnic minority, apologists trip over themselves to extend gold plated tolerance and deluxe patience even if the object of their gushing is an opportunistic waste-of-space.

Clueless samaritans hope others notice them snagging brass rings of horseshit enlightenment by refusing to visit anybody banished to a convalescent home. They delude themselves that their friend or acquaintance “wouldn’t want me to see them that way” as if people should be ashamed of a body malfunctioning beyond their control. Simple-minded cowards absolve themselves by concluding: “It’s all their fault so why should I bother?” (Though the necessity of institutionalization is clearly self-imposed by many urban denizens—yet another rarely acknowledged truth—that isn’t always the case.) Actually these candy-assed faux samaritans have stumbled upon a brilliant strategy that saves their inferior constitutions the untold trauma of entering a nursing home, and at the same time publicizes their self-serving and emotionally retarded brand of autonomy enhanced by sensitivity.

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  1. MIKE OSBON Says:

    you are an insiensitive asshole

  2. MIKE OSBON Says:

    you are an insensitive asshole

  3. Kelly Says:

    I am cracking up at this Mike person’s comment. Yes, the author of this blog tells it like it is. He has cutting, sardonic wit, razor-sharp insight into the ludicrousness of so many situations inherent in our society and life in general. He does not suffer fools gladly is putting it mildly.

    Dear Worthless, today a dear friend told me he’d been reading your blog and plans to send the link to a friend of his who has a very similar way of looking at life and who will recognize many of your experiences as his own.


  4. Philip Says:

    Who’s Mike and does he not understand humour?????

    Great post, well written, funny and sharp.

    Keep ’em coming!


  5. joyce Says:

    I find the hierarchy of those with disabilities to be opposite of what Mr. Cruel World…. stated. Those who are born or suffer disabilities in early childhood grow up discriminated against from the start. This leaves that person with low self-esteem and that is compounded by the fact (at least in the USA) that those who have disabilities since childhood get lower benefits than those who are injured of suffer dibilitating dieases later in life. Those who get injured or suffer sickness later in life not only do not have to deal with inferiority complexes from being belittled all their life, they also can “brag” about what caused their disability almost as if they are a hero or a martyr. Those of us who were disabled since childhood are considered the ones who wasted space and resources, and it is true that people treat us [those of us disabled since childhood] as if we are to blame for being disabled. In America those who are disabled and of an ethnic minority most likely face a more difficult time since they would be facing two facets of discrimination; rather than the ‘gold plated tolerance’ Mr. Cruel World speaks of.

    The rest of his diatribe is unfortunately true in that those stuffed away in the convalescent homes get few outside visitors. It sounds as if Mr. Cruel World needs us to go visit him, his isolation and loneliness is making him crotchety, but understandably so. Shall we bring you some Depends?

  6. Paco Says:

    On the “Syvopsis” page I clearly state that the stroke befell me in 1993; I further reveal that I lived in the warehouse slightly less than a decade; we are in the midst of 2007—do the math. And again on that page I briefly describe my current living situation. I’m not inclined to repeat myself, which of course is a strategy employed by “educational” television shows geared toward young children. And even a cursory examination of this site makes plain that “Cruel World” is a category, not a pseudonym.

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